19 SEPT - 17 OCTOBER, 2020
The new exhibition of KochxBos Gallery - Popland - shows the crème de la crème of Pop Surrealism art, made by sixteen internationally renowned artists who haven't exhibited in the Netherlands before. They come together in a show curated by the artist Ciou. 
It is a world based on narrative and fairytale structures, filled with historical figures and icons of pop culture. A vivid society with an eerie, carnivalesque sense of humor. The art draws our attention to issues of contemporary society such as overpopulation, growing up, and nature. Popland shows futuristic otherworldly perspectives. 
Art made in Popland is always highly technically skilled and detailed, which makes entering this entertaining world an enriching experience. The great thing is: you will always take some happy, but slightly disconcerting souvenirs home with you. Duty Free.
Jennybird Alcantara USA - Sunny Buick USA - Ciou FR - Yoko d’ Holbachie JP - Naoto Hatori JP - Guillaume Josué FR - Aya Kakeda JP - Jang Koal KOR - Travis Louie USA - Travis Lampe USA - Junko Mizuno JP - Malojo FR - Kathie Olivas USA - Brandt Peters USA - Adam Wallacavage USA - Casey Weldon USA
Strengthened by our 10-year partnership, we asked Ciou to bring the best from her circle of friends to Amsterdam. Artists who have already earned their spurs in the USA, Japan, Korea and France. Big names such as Junko Mizuno, Casey Weldon, Ciou, Travis Louie and Jennybird Alcantara. We believe this is the largest collection Pop Surrealism works ever brought together in the Netherlands

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